Organic Elderberry Seamoss Gel (Wild Harvest)

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Ingredients: Alkaline water, 100% Imported Origin Body Minerals Boost 92 of 102 *

Organic Elderberry, Elderflower, Clove, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Ginger root & Organic Spices.

Benefit Support:
Immune System
Fight Colds & Flu
Anti-Viral / Anti-Bacterial

Common Usage:
Fight Cold and Flu
Body Minerals Boost 92 of 102 *
Prevent Seasonal Colds
Vitamin C 

Flavor Profile: Grape - Earthy - Pungent
No Sugar or Caffeine Added

organic ∙ plantbased ∙ handcrafted


Ways to Use Seamoss Gel
*2 daily TBS suggested
*Add to Smoothies
* Natural Mineral Booster
* Used on Skin or Hair
*Alternative Thickener
*Ocean Algae Moss
* Also known as Chondrus crispus
* Natural Thickener for cooking/ texture