About Us

Meet the Owner
Rainbow Root Teas was inspired into creation by Victor Leon Pezzotti. When becoming plant based/ vegan 10 years ago lead Victor to searching for new ways to heal the temple from chronic inflammation for his loved ones. By trusting the power of herbs, roots, spices, and flowers in liquid tonics gave spark to the future of Rainbow Root. After working in many different plant-based/ vegan facilities such as juice bars, vegan restaurants, and healing centers, made Victor realize that people need what he creates and decided to open his own location for the people. As well as countless dreams of making big batches of herbal teas and providing to people before Rainbow Root become birthed into existence. All in all, we are here to give back powerful root teas to assist in people’s everyday life. So many blessings and so much to be thankful for, today and everyday. We love you Root family!