About Us

Rainbow Root Teas is a Florida local based Family-owned business operating since 2016. Our inspiration is to live a healthy holistic lifestyle. Victor, founder of Rainbow Root Teas, became a plant-based vegan over 10 years ago. In 2015, Victor Pezzotti was inspired to create holistic wellness beverages.  His main focus is to improve and support the body from certain ailments and to help the body feel healthy. Rainbow Root Teas was created by our love for herbs, roots, and spices.  A direct form of healing from Mother Earth. Our mission is to also bring awareness to support others in their wellness journey. Victor worked in various plant-based/ vegan facilities such as juice bars, restaurants, and wellness centers. Victor realized there was a lack of Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine, Native Herbs, Indigenous, Botanical and Holistic herbal beverages in stores, restaurants, and our community. The world is missing out on beverages that can improve and benefit their well-being. In 2019, Victor’s lifelong partner Nicole Lopez (2021 Best Seller: Author /Publisher "The Pandemic Birth") joined to support his vision. Nicole decided to co- create a catalog of herbal beverages as well as expanding the online social media and making it easier for customers to access Rainbow Root Teas and other products. Rainbow Root Teas has also supported Nicole’s lifestyle, pregnancy, motherhood and overall feeling healthy. Nicole’s personal experience with Covid urged her to use the power of herbs, roots, and spices in healing herself. Today we are proud and grateful for Rainbow Root Teas from our own experience and to the testimonies of those who have benefitted from Rainbow Root Teas. Our demand has increased due to the circumstances the world is facing with the pandemic. People are seeking to heal their body by turning to natural solutions, hand crafted trusted brands, natural ways of strengthening the immune system and feeling healthier. We are honored to be trusted and given the opportunity to have our brand introduced to local food stores, personal clients, locally- owned pharmacy stores, farmers markets, restaurants, and other retailers. We are looking forward to expanding in other parts of the United States and globally in the near future. We continue to share our experiences, knowledge and to educate others on the great health benefits that our teas have. Live a happier, healthier, stronger, blissful life and to support life with less ailments.