At Rainbow Root Teas, we believe that nutrition is the secret to a blissful lifestyle. We thrive to provide high quality organic products that inspire better decision-making for healthier families & communities.

Let's Talk about Preparing & Quality!

We operate from a Vegan/ Plant based License Commercial facility in the heart of Davie, Florida here we product & package our products! We operate from a Vegan Licensed Commercial Kitchen. We also use Alkaline Fresh Water for all our products. Our packaging is Biodegradable/ Recyclable. Our Wild Harvest Seamoss is completely harvest in the beautiful clear blue ocean of the Caribbean of the coast of St. Lucia. We specialize in customization and Small Batch Brewing/ Creation.





Our Fresh Seamoss Gel contains 92 of 102 Body Mineral

Wild Harvested • Certified Kosher •No Preserves• No Fillers• Vegan Friendly • Ionize• Fresh Alkaline Water• Fresh From Florida • Small Batches

Want Sea Moss in Bulk?

Wild Harvest Sea Moss Wholesale Here

Organic. PlantBased. Handcrafted


Amazing beverages made with a lot of love! I take Elderberry Seamoss daily

Veronique Farnault

We are visiting Florida from NY and found you at the public market Saturday ,bought your ginger /cinnamon tea and ginger /turmeric. Drinking the cold tea now. Thank you! It’s awesome!!!

Cheryl Fordham

It was such a blessing for me to have met the the two wonderful people making these awesome herbal infusion. Their INNER-G was very high. They were very knowledgeable of what juice fit your needs. I will be purchasing my juices from RAINBOW ROOT. Good vibes and INNER-G.

Adis Yisrael

Best natural solution beverages for my health and I am so happy that i found Rainbow Roots!

Thomas Ruiz

I've been drinking Rainbow Roots even more 2020 and it's helped me so much with my immune system. Thank you so much. I highly Recommend!

Jasminal Green

Rainbow Root Teas helped me with getting better when I had Covid

Kris A.

I was very sick with the flu and I came across Rainbow Root Teas & it made me feel os much better! Thank you so much!

Able Jones

I did the 7 days detox cleansing along with my personal fasting and I felt great! drinking my teas! It helped me go to the bathroom more than normal!

Jessica Rodruigez

I have really bad menstrual period and i started drinking Cramps Away I found it in the Brothers Farmers Market and it helped me so much! I purchased 5 bottles and drank the tea daily. I didn't get cramps like i would normally get them :)

Yuili Ruiz

Special Events Featuring Rainbow Root Teas

alternative product expo


This was the idea that sparked what we now know as Alternative Products Expo. By bringing the alternative community together, we seek to provide industry professionals from all corners of the market with an immersive and unique opportunity for networking and business expansion.

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2023 UNFI Natural and Conventional Spring and Summer Show at Loews Royal Pacific Orlando

Natural and Conventional Spring and Summer Show at Loews Royal Pacific Orlando

Event Dates: February 7-8, 2023

Event Infor

VegNight Out!

Veg Night Out is a 100% vegan outdoor night market that provides the South Florida community with the ability to enjoy plant-based food and vegan products from local vendors.

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2019 USA CBD Expo

In 2019 Rainbow Root Teas, was an Exhibitor for the First in history the "USA CBD Expo" We succeeded in partnering a global hub for the best CBD brands.

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