Rainbow Root Teas Alkaline Water pH 9.5

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Try our Alkaline Water!

Let's talk about Alkaline Water!

Study has shown, Our body is made of an average of  70% water! Meaning it's extremely important and  essential to keep our body functioning and fluids flowing properly and hydrate our cells! Taking the next step in not only drinking water but incorporate our alkaline water can support to reduce acidity in the body. Our selection of Alkaline Water has pH levels an average of between 9.5 pH.  Our water is packed with antioxidants & healthy minerals that aids your body to remove toxins and absorb healthy fresh minerals to improve your body’s functions, all while maintaining healthy levels of hydration & higher than average pH levels . Drinking our alkaline water will not only hydrate you but also work behind the scene in a cellular level ! neutralizes toxins, aid with anti -aging. Let us support your journey to reverses health susceptibility & live a healthy body cellular level hydrated lifestyle! Give our alkaline water a try!

Let Rainbow Root Teas Alkaline Water support your healthy lifestyle!

Here's the steps to our unique process of our Alkaline water treatment, filters and mineralization. 

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Process through 8 filtration systems
  • Our specialized water processing equipment includes both electrodes and Ultrasonically pressed (ion exchange) membranes to increase pH levels, -ORP (reduce oxidation-reduction potential), H2 performance and UV light
  • Water is then process for cleansing of any harmful containments that can be found in local water supplies and other sources. 
  • After the water is purified, next the water is process for mineralize & treated to produce a pure alkaline water known to improve health
  • Our Bottles are Recyclable & BPA FREE!
  • We fill orders in small batch meaning our alkaline water is NOT sitting in a bottle for years!
  • Local sourced with High quality Alkaline filtration system!
Always Fresh From Florida!