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We are Certified Kosher 


Rabbi Finman is the Rabbinical Administrator of Chai Kosher Consultations and Supervisions, whose speciality is in providing kosher options for destination events.

His professional rabbinical career spans 40 years beginning as a pioneer in Jewish outreach. Rabbi Finman is a seasoned rabbinic teacher and scholar in residence. As a Pastoral Counselor his emphasis is in spiritual growth, baal teshuvah issues and relationshiping. He also officiates weddings throughout the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Greece and Albania.In the past he was in the forefront of Domestic Violence and Alcohol and Drug abuse issues within the Jewish community.

Rabbi Finman began his kashruth career in the early seventies as a mashgiach at United Packing, the first glatt kosher slaughter operation in America located outside of the New York area where he also trained as a shochet (ritual slaughter). The operation was under the supervision of HaRov Pinchas Teitz, and Harav Shloime Twerski the Denver Rav, a scion of the Chernobyl, Anipoli, Hornistipel and Bobov schools of Chassidus. Subsequently Rabbi Finman worked in the dairy industry for the KAJ, the Satmar Central Rabbinical Congress, the Tzelemer Rov and Harav Yidel Gruber, and also worked in the glatt kosher meat industry for the Nirbator Rov.

Rabbi Finman has been Rosh Hamashgichim in Passover Hotels for the Orthodox Association for the Observance of Kashruth, and was a Rav Hamchshir for Passover programs in Cancun, in Puerto Rico and in Greece. He was the initial Rosh Hamashgichim for the OK at Le Marais restaurant.  As an independent consultant, Rabbi Finman's clients have included Le Marais, Levana and Boychik's restaurants, Presidential Holiday Tours, Miami Travel Center, the Bronx Hospital and Home for the Aged and Cunard Lines. 

As Director of the Vaad Hakashruth of Syracuse he strengthened community-wide kashrus standards and supervised the kashruth in a dozen stores, caterers and institutional kitchens. As the Central New York representative for the OU while in Syracuse, Rabbi Finman also inspected food processors and did contract work for the OK and Hisachdus Harabonim and was a Rav HaMachshir for the ORB. Rabbi Finman was also employed as a kosher inspector by Rabbi Shulem Rubin in the Kosher Law Enforcement division of the New York State Dept. of Agriculture and Markets.

Rabbi Finman is married to Yehudis Kaplan. Together they are busy supplying love and support to their fifteen children and twenty four grandchildren (ken yirbu meod).



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