Dry Golden Seamoss Wild Harvest - Rainbow Root Teas, [elderberry teas], [seamoss gels], [rainbowrrotteas]

Dry Golden Seamoss Wild Harvest

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Premium Dry Golden Seamoss Wild Harvest- 10 % Moisture 

Shelf life: 35-45 Days unopened

DIY: Tips on How to make Sea Moss Gel:
1 oz Dry Sea Moss pack,
1. Alkaline water enough to cover Sea Moss (soak overnight).
2. Drain water, Next Add 2-cups of Alkaline water for blending.
3. Blend & Enjoy ! (Keep Sea Moss Gel Refrigerated)

Ways to Use Seamoss Gel
*2 daily TBS suggested
*Add to Smoothies
* Natural Mineral Booster
* Used on Skin or Hair
*Alternative Thickener
*Ocean Algae Moss
* Also known as Chondrus crispus
* Natural Thickener for cooking/ texture