Trio Seamoss Gel • Any 16 oz Elixirs & Capsule Seamoss Combo

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This combo includes the following :Pure Raw 16 oz Seamoss Gel• 60 Capsules & Any Elixir 16 oz Elixir


What makes our brand different? We are Family Owned, Our Seamoss Gels & Elixirs are made with fresh alkaline water (never from bottled alkaline), no sugar, organic ingredients, imported seamoss from St. Lucia, no junk add! 

Our main goal is to continue growing our brand to provide high quality standard health food brand. Our shelf live is fresh perishable reasonable expiration dates. Our brand are made in small fresh batch. As a our community & main consumer have seeking purpose on a unique product/ brand that will support their lifestyles! From sickness to health we are always excited to support with herbs and plant for our consumers! In the most beneficial ways! Try now Rainbow Root Teas ! Root for your cells! 


Ways to Use Seamoss Gel
*2 daily TBS suggested
*Add to Smoothies
* Natural Mineral Booster
* Used on Skin or Hair
*Alternative Thickener
*Ocean Algae Moss
* Also known as Chondrus crispus
* Natural Thickener for cooking/ texture